Baby doge doo doo doo doo doo,Baby doge doo doo doo doo doo.....ou.... ehm.....Fuck.....Hi....FADC is a Defi token built on a binance smart chain. Its purpose is to confirm smart contracts.....Fuck ...that's bullshit.




Social Site

FADC Token was created as a joke,the reason for this was the constant influx of new nonsense mem coins every day.90% of them are dog coins.

You won't find any charity here,no rescue cute animals or clean ocean.

Our priority will be for the token holders to actively use the token and get rewards for long-term holding.

Being part of our community pays off.

The overall goal of this token is to highlight the stupidity of today's crypto market and create something that has real meaning for the holders

          Tokenomics and Buuuurn

2% Go to Dev Wallet (Why?go down)

2% Go to LP and Lock

2% Distributed to all holders

Supply:  (100x Quadrilion)

Why so much? Every Dog has Quadrillions . Absolute Bullshit !!!

We will burn 99% of the token.   Yeeeees,you read it right. Every week burn                                          !!  99% !! 

  • 6.9.   2021      10%                                                                           7.11. 2021            5%
  • 19.9  2021      5%                                                                            14.11.2021            5%
  • 26.9. 2021     5%                                                                            21.11 2021            5%
  • 3.10.  2021     5%                                                                            28.11.2021            5%
  • 10.10. 2021     5%                                                                              5.12.2021           5%
  • 17.10. 2021      5%                                                                            19.12.2021           5%
  • 24.10. 2021     5%                                                                           26.12.2021           14%
  • 31.10. 2021      5%                                                                              1.1.2022            10%


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                US FUTURE

1. We will publish several series NFTs with the theme of the current crypto market.We will be evil,we will be mean,we will be sarcastic.All of our NFTs are hand painted and digitally edited.Each is an original and will be available for purchase at some of the NFT market.

2. We are working on a game where the protagonist will be our FADC character in an apocalyptic cryptoworld full of dog coins and meme token.The main goal will be to save the world!!Many missions,weapons and many different suits for FADC.Some of them will be introduced gradually as NFT collectible cards.

3. Anyone who registers for the game will have a simple wallet,because in the game it will possible to buy suits,weapons and bonus items with FADC tokens.

4. 2% of each transaction goes to the Dev wallet
    1% will be used for marketing
    1% will be used to buy Cardano,and will be send out to FADC holders.


NFT on Open Sea


Stage 1

-Token creation

-Website creation

-twitter creation

-tellegram creation


-First NFT

-Acc on NFT market creation

-little marketing push

-Whitepaper creation

-Upgrade info on Bscscan

-the game is in Development


-First Game NFT

-Prepare submissions for CoinGecko

-Prepare submissions for CmC

-Prepare submissions for audit

Stage 4

-1000 holders

-listing on CmC,Coingecko

-pald advertisements

-auction for the first NFT

-more marketing push


-Rewamp website

-Get trending on Dextools

-First Audit

-Huge marketing Push,50.000 Holders


-regular publishing and auctions of the NFT

-demonstration of the Game

-strong community of holders

-publishing an article on the site for a larger audience


-100.000 holders

-first Aidrop Cardano

-Start involving celebrities in promo

-second audit

-Swap on us website

Stage 8

-Game release

-maintaining a strong community

-regular Cardano Aidrop

-upgrade game missions

Contract adress: 0x4f34581e830742787543cc2a78161b38150d59d2 Slippage Tolerance 8% 

         HOW to purchase FADC

Open Metamask or Trustwallet       

                                                                                                                             Buy BNB to your Wallet


                                                                                                    Go to Exchange,set slippage to 8%

 Contract adress:


                                                                                                                                Confirm transaction


                                                           !!  WELCOME  !! 

Contract adress: 0x4f34581e830742787543cc2a78161b38150d59d2 Slippage Tolerance 8%

 US Future? Pump and Dump of course                 and save all dogs!!!!

List of idiotic comments from the Telegram                

When to the moon....really? OMG

When lambo....don't buy shitcoins and maybe in 200 years

how many zeros are we kill....probably none, you're an idiot

when burn,we need BIG burn.....yo,perfect burn 100%

when binance,when CMC listing,when,when when.... people, think a little bit

and finally...we have new coins,its the best project on the,on universe,definitely 100x, 1000000x...noooo...definitely,hodl and you'll be rich,tomorrow will be rich,trust me :-O

                                You know any other stupidities?write us